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Square Spindle Motor


Air Cooled Square Spindle Motor is a type of spindle motor that can be found in various industrial machinery or machine tools. The spindle motor uses a compressed air system to cool down the heat emitted from the motor’s rotating parts during operation. 


  • High-Speed – The Air Cooled Square Spindle Motor can spin at high speed, making it ideal for various applications that require high-speed rotation, such as drilling or milling.

  • Air Cooled – The Air Cooled Square Spindle Motor operates continuously and does not require any additional cooling. The compressed air system used to cool down the hot rotor is highly efficient, allowing the motor to operate at an optimal temperature for an extended period.

  • Square Shape – The Air Cooled Square Spindle Motor has a square shape, allowing it to fit easily into various machines, such as CNC machines, lathes, or grinders.


  • Milling – Milling applications, including metalworking, require high-speed rotation that can be successfully attained using an Air Cooled Square Spindle Motor.

  • Grinding – The Air Cooled Square Spindle Motor is well-suited for grinding applications that require continuous operation as it is highly efficient in cooling the rotor.

  • Woodworking – The Air Cooled Square Spindle Motor can be used for various woodworking applications, such as drilling, routing, or cutting, due to its high-speed rotation capability.

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