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Air Cooled Spindle Motor


The Air Cooled Spindle Motor design is unique and advanced, incorporating a forced convection channel between the spindle motor housing and the motor stator. This design ensures efficient cooling and heat dissipation for the Air Cooled Spindle Motor, maintaining a constant temperature for reliable and long-lasting CNC engraving machines.


Air Cooled Spindle Motors are available in different shapes, each designed to meet specific requirements, such as Round Spindle Motor and Square Spindle Motor:

Round Spindle Motor

The Round Spindle Motor is a highly popular design known for its suitability for high-speed applications such as cutting, engraving, drilling, profiling, and grooving of different materials like metal, foam, plastic, rubber, and wood.

Square Spindle Motor

The Square Spindle Motor is another Air Cooled Spindle Motor design, characterized by its sophisticated square design that combines high-performance with longevity in CNC machines.

Changzhou Troy Spindle Motor is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of Air Cooled Spindle Motors. With unmatched expertise in motor design and production, we consistently deliver reliable, highly efficient, and high-performing Spindle Motors to clients worldwide.