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Current trend of CNC technology
 Nov 02, 2022|View:177

The trend of additive manufacturing becoming the mainstream of CNC processing is inevitable, which has led to an increase in demand for high-quality spindle motors. In addition to traditional Air Cooled Spindle Motor, Water Cooled Spindle Motor has emerged to meet the growing need for cooling performance. As a top Spindle Motor Manufacturer, we believe that the future of manufacturing centers will incorporate various technologies to develop machines that combine the strengths of both subtractive and additive manufacturing. The emergence of such machines has already begun.

Spindle Motor

In addition, through the fourth industrial revolution, automation has made great progress. A system with a higher degree of automation will be developed, which can carry out self diagnosis and self optimization with little manual intervention. In the future, products are expected to be manufactured according to consumers' personal requirements, and CNC machines can make this vision come true with their excellent flexibility.